The Bali Workshop & Mentorship Program is an international exposure experience where students will learn beyond the classroom.

Students will spend around 2 weeks in Bali where they will take part in seminar workshops at our LSPR Bali Campus with international university partners. Students will also join an accelerated internship program (mentorship), where students will be placed in one of many LSPR partner hotels to receive there internship credits.

Benefits for students joining the Bali program:

  • Earn 3 credits for Intercultural Communication Subject (Workshop)

  • 3 SKS credits for Internship in Communication (Mentorship)

  • Earn 10 NAP for joining the program

  • Certicificate from host hotel (Mentorship)

  • Participation Certificate from LSPR.

  • Certificate of Attendance

  • To gain knowledge and practical application in research method

  • Additional knowledge on analyzing case studies

  • Fun Learning Activity & Bali sunshine

Additional Information :

  • Regular class must join the workshop and mentorship to earn 3 sks of internship.

  • International class have the option to only join the mentorship program to earn 3 sks of internship.

  • Participants must join the Bali Workshop to earn Intercultural Communication credit.

  • Participant must be a registered and active LSPR student (already filled KRS)

  • No failing grade from past semesters.

  • Must register on the online study tour registration form provided by IRPO