Friday, 23 April 2021, the Ministry of Marketing Communication LSPR Communication & Business Institute presented a webinar with the theme “Combro: Consumer Behavior Right Now” through the ZOOM platform from 16.30 to 17.30 WIB. This webinar invites Ms. Jessica Carla as LSPR Lecturer; Independent Marketing Consultant & Educator-preneur; and also Founder of as speaker, and Angelyca Jeftine, President of LSPR Public Speaking Club; Marketing International Batch 23, as moderator. This webinar is intended to discuss the changes in consumer behavior post-Covid-19 pandemic. Starting a webinar session, Ms. Carla explains that in these circumstances our choice as marketers is “disrupt or be disrupted”. She conveyed that there were 6 major changes that emerged post-pandemic, which are, Covid-19 Propagation & Vaccine Availability, Societal Anxiety, The Rise of Nationalism, Government Leadership, Global Supply-Chain Disruption, and Accelerated Digitalization.

Ms. Carla explained about types of consumer

Ms. Carla explained that there are 5 key consumers changing during the pandemic

There are also 4 key factors that are important for marketers to undergo so that their business continues to run effectively such as hygiene, low-touch, less-crowd, and low mobility. At this time, the industries that are growing negatively are online travel and transportation, while industries that are growing positively are those with digital infrastructures such as e-commerce, health-tech, and edu-tech. “The impact (of the pandemic on the industry) in 2021 is quite good, and gradually increasing, it wasn’t as bad as in 2020,” said Ms. Carla. Closing the webinar, Ms. Carla explained that there are 5 key consumers changing during the pandemic. 1) The anxiety trinity: public concern regarding health (physical and mental) as well as financial concerns, 2) The rise of prudent consumption: because the public’s concern is picky in making purchases, 3) The rise of cautious shoppers: because they are very careful in shopping, therefore to activate them to make purchases, the strategy must be precise, 4) New-found romance at home: people are now looking for new hobbies and creating a comfortable atmosphere at home, 5) The bounce of some categories: with the start of a new normal, some industries are slowly starting to recover. Ms. Carla said, “The implication is that we as marketers must help how to solve the problems that arise.”


Article by: Velika