Jakarta – On February 9, 2021, LSPR Radio held a collaboration event via zoom call with 101.4 FM Trax Radio entitled ‘TRAX Ambassador Hunt Goes to Campus’. This event started at 14.00 which was preceded by an opening by the MC from LSPR Radio, Adinda Gadis Christi Bramunditha. The purpose of this event is to hunt radio broadcasters who will become ambassadors of 101.4 FM Trax Radio. This event itself was attended by 81 participants. In the first session of this event, 101.4 FM Trax Radio held a sharing session entitled “Staying Productive in Pandemic Times”. This session was guided by two 101.4 FM Trax Radio announcers, Cindy Lauw and Tarra Budiman. In this session, Cindy and Tarra discussed the role of radio during a pandemic. Radio is categorized as a media, so it automatically means that their function is to share issues or news that can be spread. However, radio does not necessarily function as an information center, but as a means of entertainment for the listeners as well. Besides that, they also shared their daily lives while working as announcers at Trax Radio.

Cindy and Tarra discussed the role of radio during a pandemic

Starting from mental preparation before entering the world of broadcasting, to the obstacles faced during broadcast, such as facing a bad mood before broadcast, facing blank thoughts during broadcast, and facing “difficult” interlocutors / broadcasters. Further explanation regarding this matter was also delivered through the Q&A session. After the sharing session was over, the next session was continued with a session entitled Virtual Radio Tour, in which this session was taken over by staff from Trax Radio. In this session, Trax Radio staff invited the participants to virtually tour the Trax Radio office. They present various rooms to participants such as meeting rooms, broadcasts, lobbies, and so on. Then, they held a game where the participants were asked to make a pickup line to the host. In this game session, Cindy and Tarra become the host for the session again and they chose three winners for this game. Each winner is given a gift voucher which has a value of Rp. 300,000. The event was then closed with a thank you from Adinda Gadis as the MC of LSPR Radio, a music performance from Amanda Caesa, and a group photo.


Article by: Amira