Jakarta – LSPR Photography held an online webinar “The World of Lighting” via zoom platform (11/02). This webinar aims to invite participants to discuss basic lighting photography. The event was hosted by Hanoem Shafira Ramadhanty, and began with remarks from Jesslyn Aurelia Alvin as President of LSPR Photography. This webinar invited two photographers as speakers, Kevin Muhammad Syah and Dzaky Hasyim.

Kevin Syah explained about three terms of light

Kevin Syah explained about the terms and principles of light. He said there are three terms of light in photography, namely highlight, midtones, and shadow. Meanwhile, the principle of light is divided into available light and artificial light. “You must be able to understand the difference in light because this is the basis for any photo,” said Kevin. The next material regarding the creative process was delivered by Dzaki Hasyim. According to him, the creative process is maximizing what we have to produce what we want. An example is like replacing ice cubes with sugar cubes that look similar. “Make more references so you have a lot of knowledge,” he said. Dzaki provides tips on making photos without shadows, tips on reducing incoming light to make the texture more visible and tips on brightening objects with a reflector.

Then the event continued with Q&A and a mini tour set of a production that Kevin and his team were working on. During that short tour, participants were shown and introduced to various kinds of the lighting devices on the set. The event was closed with a group photo.

All participants


Article by: Hanifah