Jakarta – KBR held webinar P3K (Campus-to-Campus Podcast) “The Role of Podcast and Digital Media in Preventing Disinformation in the Pandemic Era” which was broadcast through the Berita KBR youtube channel (23/04). Hosted by Indra Saputra, this webinar invites Dr. Lestari Nurhajati – Deputy Chancellor 4 for Innovation and Business at IKB LSPR, Wydia Angga – Producer of KBR Prime Podcasts, and Aribowo Sasmito – Co Founder of Mafindo as speakers.

Indra Saputra as host

Aribowo Sasmito, Co Founder of Mafindo as speaker

Starting the webinar, Mr. Ari said that the development of hoax, especially in digital media during this pandemic, was getting more massive. In fact, his research team found that the number of hoaxes at the start of the pandemic during February – April 2020 exceeded the number of hoaxes in the political season in previous years. He added “For the theme, the hoax will follow the trend. Now, the hoaxes are mostly about vaccines”. To avoid this hoax, Dr. Lestari explained the steps that can be taken especially for the younger generation, namely by conducting media literacy and diligently comparing information in various media. “And to break the chain of hoaxes, it is necessary to have educational events that are digital literacy, include it in the curriculum, or an approach in terms of handling ITE law,” Mr. Ari added.

Wydia Angga, Producer of KBR Prime Podcasts as speaker

Ms. Angga said that the role of podcasts in helping ward off various disinformation during the pandemic are to take part in broadening clarifications and becoming a source of reference. The Cek Fakta Podcast selects the top 5 hoaxes circulating each week to discuss. She said, “The challenge during producing the podcast is we must be able to process emotions well, because there are listeners who are not satisfied. And we also have to be able to face the new hoax model”.

Dr. Lestari Nurhajati, Deputy Chancellor 4 for Innovation and Business at IKB LSPR as speaker

Dr. Lestari said that the changing trends of various digital media have caused various forms of hoaxes and which are also various, depending on someone’s ability to carry out the media literacy process. “Therefore, we must have critical thinking that can be built since childhood. The more critical a person is, the less likely she/he is to be hoaxed” she said. Mr Ari added, “The role of the community is important, especially to spread clarifications. People must get rid of their lazy habit of reading and must be wiser in using social media”. Mr. Ari also explained various ways to check hoaxes, namely through google, Mafindo’s Hoax Buster Tools application, Kalimasada Mafindo’s WhatsApp chat box, and listening to Cek Fakta Podcast.


The event ended with a Q&A session, and Mr Indra provided information about the podcast competition held by KBR. For further provisions regarding the competition, please visit their Instagram @kbr.id


Article by: Hanifah