Jakarta – On Friday, April 30, 2021, 3A Production presented Senandika Musical Theatre #CeritaKita which was broadcast through YouTube platform. This theatre is a final project for LSPR students majoring in Performing Arts Communication, with Thesis Advisor Mr. Mikhael Yulius Cobis, M.Si, MM. The theatre, which was built by Cheryl Mesa Barlianto (Production Manager & Vocal Director), Bernardrio Justin Widjaja (Director & Script Writer) and Lovenna Ceisar Maulana (Art Director), raises the issue of insecure that is often felt by anyone.

Senandika Musical Theatre Performances

Tells the story of an emotional outburst, the true story of 3 teenagers, Lovenna, Cheryl and Justin who are struggling with insecurity. The feeling is embedded in them so that they feel they are not worthy. This is what continues to haunt the minds of Virgi Aulia as Lovenna, Tiffany Jeane as Cheryl and Aldy Inzaghi as Justin. They have to find a way to get rid of that feeling.

Virgi Aulia (left) and Lovenna Ceisar Maulana (right)

Tiffany Jeane (left) and Cheryl Mesa Barlianto (right) 

Aldy Inzaghi (left) and Bernardrio Justin Widjaja (right)

Senandika Musical Theatre in collaboration with the Love Yourself Indonesia Foundation, opens donations for viewers who want to help friends who need help and 100% of this donation will be channeled through Love Yourself Indonesia Foundation to disaster victims in NTT to help them mentally recover from post-disaster trauma.

All production team, crew and cast of Senandika Musical Theatre

Through this theatre, 3A Production hopes to spread more knowledge about insecure which is attractively packaged.


Article by: Hanifah