Jakarta, Tuesday, 20 April 2021 – Discusshe and Tempo Media Group just held an event ” Removing Gender Gap in The World Of Work”. The event was held on Tempodotco’s Youtube channel and Tempo Media’s Facebook Live, and Tempo’s digital TV channel. This event is a form of support for gender equality in Indonesia to make it become a priority for all parties in Indonesian society including entrepreneurs so that everyone regardless of gender has the same opportunity.

There are four speakers who will give their point of views on the topic of the event, they are Prita Kemal Gani as the Founder & CEO of LSPR Communication and Business Institute, Lusiani Julia as the Program Officer for Gender & Labor Standards of the ILO, Iti Octavia Jayabaya as the Regent of Lebak, and Asmin Laura Hafid as the Regent of Nunukan Kalimantan North. The event was opened by Martha Warta Silaban as Tempo Editor and LSPR Lecturer who became the moderator of this event. After the opening of the event, the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, Ida Fauziyah, gave a keynote speech explaining gender equality in the professional world is still accompanied by the rights given by the government to women.

The first session started with a discussion from Lusiani Julia who gave her views on the conditions of female workers in the midst of a pandemic where women still do not get the same opportunities as men in the labor market. Besides Lusiani Julia who gave her views on gender equality in the professional world, the discussion was continued by Prita Kemal Gani who gave her views on educational institutions. He explained that every education party must emphasize the collaborative, creative, and innovative aspects. The session was continued by Asmin Laura Hafid as the Regent of Nunukan, who provided motivation for women to be more confident in taking part in work.

The first steps to make this happen can be initiated by the government, as was done by Iti Octavia Jayabaya as the Regent of Lebak where the government there provides equal opportunities between women and men, out of 9000 civil servants, 4500 of whom are female workers so that gender equality can be carried out. After going through a discussion session, the event was closed by Prita Kemal Gani and Asmin Laura Hafid who gave motivation to remain useful people and take advantage of the opportunities that exist.