Jakarta – LSPR conducted a webinar program “Get to Know LSPR” for Communication Study Program (26/02). The webinar was held through the Zoom Meeting application platform at 14.30 – 16.30 WIB. This webinar aims to get to know the LSPR campus. In this case the topic of Public Relations & Digital Communication and Mass Media Communication. In this webinar there are 2 speakers, namely Mr. Mikhael Cobis and Shafinaz Nachiar. The event, which was hosted by Okky, was carried out through health protocols according to applicable recommendations by using masks and maintaining distance.

Mr. Mikha explained that in the Faculty of communication there are 2 study programs, namely Communication and DKV. Communication Science is divided into 6 concentrations, namely Public Relations & Digital Communication, International Relations, Marketing Communication, Mass Media Communication, Performing Art Communication, and Digital Creative Production. He also explained the course flow, starting from studying all general subjects in semester 1 and 2 to majoring in semester 3. Graduates of the Public Relations & Digital Communication major can build a good image. Can communicate with stakeholders. Meanwhile, graduates of Mass Media Communication are not only journalists, but also prepare behind-the-scenes students who can not only MC but create narrative stories and even make an appearance in production.

Shafinaz shared her experiences while studying at LSPR, apart from studying she is also active in various organizations. One of the experiences that cannot be forgotten while studying is studying investigations. At that time, she decided to investigate Fraud at the Entrance of the Conservation Park on Mount Gede Pangrango. She also shared the intricacies of being a journalist. “3 things a journalist must have, namely the foundation of communication, smart in dealing with relationships, and don’t refuse to listen,” said Shafinaz.

The participants of this webinar

Last session, followed by Mr. Wilsen  and Mr.Okky with a door prize session. Lucky winners get a free registration form to enter LSPR. For candidate LSPR students there is also a tiktok content competition. Further information can be seen on Instagram @joinlspr.


Article by: Mita