PR-IC 22 LSPR-Jakarta presented “Esther” theatre at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, Campus B, LSPR-Jakarta, on 14 February 2019.

Queen Esther Singing

Adapting from a Biblical story, the theatre tells about the journey of Esther (Noah Clementine A.), a Persian Jewish girl selected to become the queen of Babylonia.

King Xerxes Dancing With Queen Esther


The theatre had successfully entertained the audience with its witty dialogues and a jazzy medieval performance. Combining drama and alluring musical performance, the theatre delivered emotions from songs, dance, lights, costumes, etc.

Curtain Call


“I am very proud of everyone. This is my very first production held by my own theatre. Everyone is extremely supportive. We have been practising it for two months and today they performed just as how I expected,” explained Aqilah Shokofa, the Production Manager of the theatre Esther.

Article by : Nadira Arnindya

Photo by : Irfan Husaini