Hello, YDCers!

As a student we must keep up with the current news that is going on in the world, LSPR YDC presents an engaging and relevant information regarding the latest international issues around the globe by raising a webinar focusing on ASEAN’s role in problems that occurred in Myanmar recently.

You will get to collect new perspectives on understanding ASEAN’s role regarding the situation in Myanmar and learn about Security and Geopolitical issues that are currently happening in our region.

Join our Webinar to understand more about “Myanmar’s Political Crisis: ASEAN’s role in Security and Geopolitics”.

This webinar will be available on:
Date: 9th April 2021
Time: 4 PM – end
Platform: Zoom (live)

Register yourself by clicking on the link down below:


Let’s learn and participate together with LSPR YDC!

Cc: Vice Rector III, Head of Student Activities, Cabinet LSPR SL