LSPR-Jakarta reached 27 years old on Monday, July 1st 2019. This year also saw the opening of LSPR’s new campus in Transpark-Juanda. This year’s prestigious birthday was celebrated by widening connections through MoU signings with the regional government and police department of Bekasi. The event took place at LSPR Transpark Juanda-Bekasi.

Cutting Tumpeng


Ms. Prita with Letkol Abdi Wirawan

“Twenty years of LSPR’s journey in educating the next generation is not without hurdles. It is through hardships, efforts, and creativity in creating the best curriculum suitable for the industry. This is our commitment in making LSPR your right choice of communication school”, said Prita Kemal Gani, Founder & Director of LSPR.

Speech from Ms. Prita Kemal Gani


Speech from Dr. Rahmat Effendy as Bekasi Governor


The event was attended by representatives from related roles such as Dr. Rahmat Effendy (Bekasi Governor), Dr. Inayatullah (Head of Education Affairs), Dr. H. Encu Hermana Radhman MM (Head of Informatics & Communication), Drs, Ahmad Zarkasih (Head of Youth and Sports Affairs), Dr. Indarto (Kapolres Bekasi) and Letkol Abdi Wirawan (Dandim 0507). This partnership is about communication, media, culture, academic certification, hospitality, security, and regional safety issues from both parties.

Mr. Mikhael explain about LSPR Theatre Festival


MoU Signing with Dr. Indarto – Kapolres Bekasi

This anniversary was also enlivened by a fun costume party. The celebration involved all members of LSPR. Students, staff, and lecturers were free to wear costumes from their favorite characters.

LSPR Students with their costumes 

LSPR Campuses were enlivened by entertaining role-players, from Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Naruto, Harry Potter, to a Hot Dog costume.

The Winner of LSPR Costume Celebration


The Winner of LSPR Campus Life

The winners of the costume party were Rezha Anindya in a Princess Jasmine Costume in LSPR Sudirman Park and Mr. Mikhael Yulis Cobis in an Arabian Man Costume in LSPR Transpark Juanda-Bekasi.(Nadira)