Research Centre LSPR held an online Workshop entitled “How to Get Published in an Academic Journal” in 17th July 2020, at 1:00 – 3:00 PM which presenting LSPR Lecturer, i.e. Vice Rector 2, Dr. Yolanda Stellarosa, M.Si; Director of Postgraduate Programme, Dr. Rino F. Boer; Director of Research, Publication, and Community Service, Rudi Sukandar, Ph.D; Head of Research Centre, Rendro Dhani, Ph.D, and Programme Director of International Communication Concentration, Adam J. Fenton, Ph.D.

This workshop aims to provide various tips and strategies for lecturers and students about choosing interesting topics and writing articles for scientific journals. The discussants are shared their experiences and knowledge to participants for choosing reputable scientific journals, rewrite and revise articles, and eventually publish the articles in scientific journals. Also, the closing of the workshop for the researchers are expected to publish their articles in accredited National Journals (SINTA indexed) or leading International Journals (Scopus indexed journals).

Dr. Rudi Sukandar, discussed some important things before the researchers published their studies, such as the elements of the paper (i.e., abstracts, theoretical frameworks, language, and coherence), citation styles, and ethical standards to avoid the problem of plagiarism.


Dr. Rino F. Boer, explains do and don’t when writing article Journals.


Dr. Adam J. Fenton, explain that researchers should not focus too much on submitting their articles in Scopus indexed Journals, as there are many other International Journals that are credible.


Dr. Yolanda Stellarosa, M.Si.,  explained things that must be considered when publishing scientific journals that are looking for journals that are relevant to the topic of the researcher and need to citations of articles from the journal.


Dr. Rendro Dhani, explain tips on how to obtain journal articles and other forms of reference from various sources.