An international controversy occurred after the selfie between Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon went viral. The Instagram post received many responds from public whether its positive or negative feedbacks, the selfie itself involves a group photo of the Miss Universe contestants that are Miss Israel, Miss Lebanon, Miss Slovak and Miss Japan. After the post was posted by Miss Israel and went viral, Miss Lebanon received many critics relating to her existence in the picture. She was then accused of violating the Lebanon policy for being in contact with an Israeli whereas there are strict rules against any form of association with Israel. The objective of this research is uncover the media framing between Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon 2015 selfie controversy. This research will analyze articles from two different media that are CNN and BBC that uses the framing theory by Entman, to solve the research problem through four steps of the theory that are to define problem, identify causal interpretation, make moral evaluations, and give treatment/ recommendations. This research result that the two news portal stand for is to acknowledge where they are from, CNN is from the United States whilst BBC is from the United Kingdom. The United States and Israel has always had a special relationship amongst them. America will often back up Israel in any aspects, in other hand UK does not share the same relationship with any of these countries.

Keywords: Miss Universe Controversy, Selfie, Public Diplomacy, Media Framing, Framing Analysis