On Thursday, March 22, 2018 LPPM LSPR – Jakarta in cooperation with National Narcotic Agency (Badan Narkotika Nasional) held Public Speaking Training for the worker whose going to volunteer in socializing the endangerment of narcotic in working environment.

LPPM in cooperation with BNN held a Public Speaking Training again

Attended by 26 worker representatives in the region of East Jakarta, the training aims to encourage the volunteer on how to present the information and do the public speaking to motivate people in avoiding the abuse of drugs and narcotics in their life, particularly in their working environment.

As the representative from LPPM – London School of Public Relations, Sylvia Roennfeld, M. Si covered the course to the common fear of public speaking and how to handle it, also the common mistakes in public speaking as well as the tips to succeed it.

Ms. Sylvia Roennfeld, M. Si delivered the training materials

The participants’ enthusiasm during the role play display genuine keenness in implementing their new knowledge to support BNN campaign and socializing the abuse of narcotic in working environment.

The Public Speaking Training was done and participants find it helpful