Hersinta, M.SiHead of Research Centre
Research Interest
New Media, Communication and Technology, Computer-Mediated Communication, Health Communication, Music and Popular Culture

Hersinta is a former journalist who graduated from the Communication Management master program from University of Indonesia (UI). Now she act as the head of Research Centre at The London School of Public Relations (STIKOM LSPR) Jakarta, and also acting as deputy chief editor for Communicare, the campus’ academic journal of communication studies. Started her research experience in 1997, where she acted as an interviewer and part time field researcher for Kompas newspaper and Laboratorium Sosiologi at University of Indonesia, now she continues doing research projects, especially in information and communication technology issues, online and digital media usage, health communication and new media. She also teaches on Social Media and Mass Communication subjects.

Researcher’s Projects

2014 Measuring stakeholder’s perception towards communication and environmental program. assigned by Aqua Grup, Jakarta – Indonesia (as team leader)

2014 Assessing change in attitudes, awareness, and behavior in Indonesian youth: amulti-method communication and social media approach to help counter human trafficking assigned by University of Southern California (as social media researcher)

2013 -2014 ICTWatch-Citizen Lab – Defining the Role of Indonesian Civil Society in Internet Governance (with Sherly Haristya)

2013 Tobacco Control Support Centre Indonesia-IAKMI – Social Media Usage for Advocating Tobacco Control Issues in Indonesia (as team leader)

2013 ICTWatch-Global Partners UK – Mapping Report on Indonesian International Internet Policy (with Donny B.U and Sherly Haristya)

2010 ICTWatch – Privacy and Self-Security Awareness in Facebook Usage among Small Town Teenagers (as team leader)

1999 Lab Sosiologi UI- Community Based Activities Dealing with The Economic Crises (team member)

Workshops, Seminars and Publications

International Conference from IASPM (International Association for the Study ofPopular Music) Benelux, “A Long Way to the Top: The Production and Reception ofMusic in a Globalized World”, Erasmus University, Rotterdam – Netherlands (November2014) as paper presenter

Haristya, S. and Hersinta. 2013. “How Do We Collaborate? Conducting the Multi-stakeholder Dialogue in Preparing the 8th Internet Governance Forum”, proceedings of The 22nd Annual AMIC Conference, Yogyakarta,4-7 July.

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