Akhmad Edhy ArumanLecturer
Research Interest :

Communication and Marketing Communication


Akhmad Edhy Aruman graduated from Master of Science (M.Si) at STIKOM – LSPR majoring Marketing Communication. He currently take Doctorate program at IPB, majoring in Communication Development. He is practitioner, and lecturer at The London School of Public Relations, Jakarta. He teaches several subjects, for instance the Methodology of Qualitative, the Methodology of Quantitative Research, Managing Marketing Communication, and Strategic Marketing Communication at LSPR- Jakarta. Also, thesis advisor for the students from Public Relations, and Marketing Communication. He passionately and actively in research practical and academic field . He is an expert in journalism and marketing communication.

Researcher’s Projects :

2014. Kampanye Negatif Pada Pemilihan Presiden 2014 (funded by LSPR)

2013. Konflik Lampung Selatan

2013. Ekuitas Merek Perguruan Tinggi Manajemen dan Komunikasi

2012. Ekuitas Merek Perguruan Tinggi Komunikasi

2012. Pemetaan Sosial Masyarakat Kawasan Hutan Tanaman Industri Riau

2012. Pemetaan Stakeholder Kawasan Pertambangan di Riau

Community Service Projects :

2014. PR Coach on Training Measurement
2014. Employee Branding Coach in Training
2014. Coach at a public workshop for the Freedom of Information Officers Operators Depok City Government Information Service

2013. as the coach at CSR Training
2013. As the Coach in Training Brand Activation
2013. As the coach at training social media
2013. As the informant on Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Discussion Public and Indonesia – Central Information Commission
2013. As a PR Coach on Training Perhumas
2012. Digital PR Coach on Training