Centre for ASEAN Public Relations Studies (CAPRS) held a “2 Days Workshop” which consists of Visual Public Speaking, which was held on the February 24th 2016 and Social Media For Business, which was held the day after. This workshop was a form of contribution from CAPRS for Indonesian youngsters so that their knowledge in regards to communications in general and Public Relations, in particular may increase. This workshop was held in partnership with Thisable Creative Emterprise, which was founded by Angkie Yudistia.
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Ms. Rani Chandra M.Si explain the content in Power Point
The workshop on the February 24th, which was held in the Computer Lab of London School of Public Relations Jakarta (LSPR – Jakarta, Campus C includes the topic of: Public Speaking, Message, Media Presentation, Product Promotion, and tips on how to do a presentation. The workshop itself was divided into 2 sessions which both sessions were taught by LSPR Jakarta’s lecturers. The first session was taught by Rani Chandra M.si. She taught the participants on the contents that should appear on their presentation, while on the second session, Dhita Widya Putri emphasized on the practical ways on how to use Power Point
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When in Learning Session, the participants enthusiastically following the lecture
Interestingly, the participants were from the disabled community, especially the deaf. Hopefully, from this workshop, the creative products that they have created, such as: Barbie Dolls wearing batik, Skin Care Products, Hijab, Design, etc. can be visually communicated for the general public.
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All the lecturer and Participants
Although the workshop was held from 10.00-16.00, the Q&A session between the disabled and lecturers goes on smoothly. The communication between them was translated by someone who understands sign language. This result became a benchmark because it had a satisfying outcome. At the end of the workshop, each participant was given the opportunity to do a Visual Public Speaking Presentation using their own product. (Anita / Yolanda N, Vyrana)