Nowadays, tourism has been one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. A lot of people are willing to cross the globe just to experience traveling. As a tourism destination, Bali is inevitably very popular. Not only domestic tourists, millions of international tourists are coming to Bali every year. Back then, Bali was famous for its authentic culture and its breathtaking nature. However, now the trend is expanded. People are coming to Bali not only for leisure activities, but also for MICE activities. MICE, which stands for Meeting, Incentives, Convention and Exhibition is a part of tourism field which is focused in mentioned activities. A number of national and international events had been succesfully held in Bali, and it ended up giving another image for Bali, which is not only as a leisure destination, but also a MICE destination. Therefore, this research is conducted to figure out the message behind the image reforming process of Bali. This reserech is done with qualitative approach, case study methodology. The theories used are Image Forming Theory by Ardianto and Sumirat, and Barbara O’Keefe’s theory of Message Design Logic. The data are collected through several in depth interviews. The findings result to an addition of new element to Message Design Logic, which is Symbolic Logic, which explain not only how the content of a message is formed, but also how it is packed.

Key words: Bali, MICE Tourism, Image Forming Theory, Message Design Logic, Symbolic Logic.