Friday, February 19th 2016 was my special day because I had an amazing experience to teach English and Presentation Skill at orphanage house Rumah Ramah Panti Yatim & Dhuafa. It located at Jl. Karet Tengsin No. 36 Jakarta. There were about 11 kids over there and they are all girls. I was working in team with my partner Mr. Isdananto (he is also a lecturer from LSPR).
All in all, we taught some basic English vocabulary, greetings, and then we came up with a little workshop about “who am i?”. The kids were so excited. They worked in pair, write some sentences such as “my name is… , I am … Years old, my hobbies are …” Etc. and in the end of the sentence they had to end up with their dream, what are they going to be and present it in front of the class. We had so much fun, they were laughing and giggling each other. At first, a couple of them were very shy. Then we trained them to handle some nervousness one by one until we’ve noticed their improvements. The kids did a great job, and the most interesting thing was, most of them wanted to be a teacher. Such a noble job 🙂 I hope they can make their dreams come true. Thanks to Mr. Hidayat from Generasi Emas Nusantara (GEN) for helping us to get there, and Thank you so much to Mrs. Yuliana from LPPM for your big support.

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