2016 is just a few weeks away. Soon we will enter a new era, the ASEAN Economic Community, however the majority of Indonesian people are still concerned with this plan. Coordinator of Economic Affairs in collaboration with the London School of Public Relations Jakarta and London School of Public Relations center for ASEAN Public Relations Studies is proud to present the talk show and discussion on the matters by inviting LSPR lecturers along with the students of LSPR Jakarta to participate in this event

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Mrs. Netty Murhani, Assistant Deputy for Economic Cooperation Regional and Sub-Regional Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs speech about MEA

The event was held on Monday, 30 November 2015 and was opened by LSPR CHOIR, then followed by a speech by Mr. Andre Ikhsano and Ms. Devi and followed by Ms. Netty Murhani, MURP as Assistant Deputy for Economic Cooperation Regional and Sub-Regional Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs whom started her presentation. “AEC 2015 is not a new event by ASEAN, but (it is) a process that has went on since the AFTA in 1992.”


LSPR Choir opened the event

She asserted that diplomatically Indonesia is the ASEAN capital and with the level of the Indonesia’s current economy, it is ranked 16th in the world. In the sector of educated workforces, there were 8 of educated personnel that have been discussed in the MEA. However, there are only 2 that have been approved for licensing as an educated workforce which were architect and engineering MEA. She also mentioned the four pillars of the MEA, namely, the single industrial-based market, competitive economy, equitable economic development and the integration of global markets. MEA is not only a matter of liberalization but also harmonization and facilitation.

The public were invited to not worry about the AEC. Rather, continue to run it with more emphasis on production rather that consumption. The disadvantages of the contemporary culture of Indonesian society itself was that most Indonesian people only want to enjoy instant results, when actually, the process is the main important key.

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Book reviewed given by (left to right)  Mr Rino, Mr Hendry Bangun and Mr Bennito

The event followed by keynote speech by Ms. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR. She explained how PR works in ASEAN integration, she also explained the various keywords, which are: PR and Information, PR and Friendship, PR and Branding, PR and Reputation, and PR and Storytelling.

Discussion and talks about the book by LSPR professors helped complete this event with topic based on the ASEAN economic community. Some excerpts reviewed for this book were given by Mr Hendry, Mr. Ryno and Mr. Bennyto. (Anita / Yolanda)