(From Left to Right Past Novel, Mr. HaiboZeng ,NareswariKumaralalita, Mr. Zeliang Wang)

Friday,8 January 2016. LSPR CAPRS and China Mission had a meeting at the Penang Bistro, Oakwood, Kuningan CBD.  China Mission is a part from China Embassy intended to provide education about ASEAN.  At the meeting, LSPR- Centre for ASEAN Public Relations Studies (LSPR-CAPRS), represented by Past Novel Larassaty, MA as the Secretary General and Research – Publication Staff : Nareswari, S.IKom.

In this meeting LSPR CAPRS explained several forms of cooperation with China Mission such as event and program about building China and ASEAN. One of the programmesoffered is: “ASEAN AND FRIENDS GO TO SCHOOL”MISSION OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA TO ASEANAndLSPR-CENTRE FOR ASEAN PUBLIC RELATIONS STUDIES

This series of this event will be school visit every two month by making an interactive seminar, poster and video competition for students, movie screening about ASEAN and China,Art performances and cultural exhibition from China and Awarding day for video/poster competition in the end of year. The objective is to create awareness about China and ASEAN relations in senior high school students. China Mission also expects to be LSPR Partner in other events like ASEAN PR Festivalin LSPR.