(Nareswari K, Cyntia Keliat, S.Ikom, Chrisdina, M.Si, Ayu Sakinah, Deddy Irwandy, M.Si, Arif Susanto, M.Si, Khotimatus S, MA, Grace Paramitha, M.Si ,  Hersinta, M.Si, Ramona Tirta, M.Si, Dr. Rini F Boer, Janette M Pinariya, MM, Veronika T, M.Si, Yuliana Riana P, MM dan Dr. Andre Ikhsano)

LSPR through Research and Community Service Centre (LPPM) earned the trust from Bureau of Communication and Information Service Ministry of Finance to conduct research in the form of Public Education EventCommunications Audit. Activities of public education is one of the ways used by the Ministry of Finance to encourage the target audience to be actively involved in order to obtain information and experience memorable.Therefore, the main question is “How do we create an effective event that can be a means of education while providing a memorable experience of the Ministry of Finance? ”


Observation of public education activities conducted by a research team LPPM

LPPM LSPR Jakarta implement the audit process communication of the month from May to September 2015. The deep and comprehensive study on the implementation of public education activities conducted through three stages: 1) Stage Event Planning (Pre Event) to monitor the operational planning process which discusses the details educational activities .; 2) Implementation Phase Event (Event Realization); to monitor the implementation of the plans that have been made in the planning stages of the event. Communication audit activities carried out through observation and interviews to participants and narasumber.3) Phase Post Event; At this stage evaluation of implementation of the event. Evaluation carried out by using a satisfaction survey to participants who take part in public education.

foto kemenkeu

Research Team LSPR with Bureau of Communication and Information Service Ministry of Finance


Presentation the result of audit communication by LPPM

Some recommendations made by LPPM LSPR Jakarta to KLI Bureau of the Ministry of Finance is 1) give the slogan “Informative, Creative and Inspiring” on public education activities; 2) to propose a concept of education”Get Closer with the Ministry of Finance” and 3) Practical Guide Activity Public Education.
This research activity is one of the real contribution LSPR as an educational institution to stakeholders as part of the implementation of Tridarma College.