This study specifically examines the company’s identity, as measured by lawful identity consisting of a label kosher or halal certificate. Kosher identity will be a stimulus for the stakeholders to build an image and ultimately becoming a stimulus to establish the company’s reputation. Halal identity considered important, as Indonesia is the largest Muslim country. In Indonesia, companies that produce food, drugs and cosmetics were advised to apply for the halal test on its products, considered the large number of consumers are Muslims. Another factor of company‚Äôs identity which measured in this research is motivation. Solaria restaurant became the object of study, considering the fact that in the year 2013 there was news about non-halal food in this restaurant. The research model that will be tested in this study was the influence of lawful identity and motivation on the image of the company and then impact the company’s reputation. Data analysis used in this research is Structural Equation Modelling with Lisrel program. Based on the results, it was found that: 1) there is the influence of between halal identity and motivation for corporate image; 2) There is no effect on the company image between corporate reputation and 3) identity halal provide a greater influence than the motivation.Results of this study are expected to enrich the scientific research and can be a recommendation for practitioners in the field of study Public Relations.

Keywords: halal certificate, corporate identity, corporate image, reputation of the company.