Monday, 13 October 2014 – LSPR Jakarta and Directorate General of ASEAN Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia signed the MOU for education, research and social services cooperation. On the same day, LSPR Centre of Study on ASEAN PR inauguration took place. The existence of this research centre becomes vital and interesting amongst the massive growth of globalisation.

Referring what Thomas L. Freidman, a globalisation figure, said that “the world is flat”, is simply reflecting the analogy to reiterate that the single market in the world has now become one global market.

In Asian context, it is inevitable that Asia has now become the world magnet. With the total population of almost 50% or 3.5 billion inhabitants of the whole world’s population (around 7 billions), many predictions and projections indicate that Asian population is growing rapidly. The relatively high economic development in Asia, compared to other nations, is showing that it has the most middle class. Its technological adaptation is also progressing fast that it makes Asia to become “sexy” and unquestionably being the global target market

ASEAN as a part of Asia has an absolute strategic role in leading the global market so it flows in ordinance to one mission of ASEAN. ASEAN Economic Community 2015 plays its strategic role especially in technical aspect accordingly. Being left with little time, AEC must be fully supported by all elements of ASEAN society, both the human resources and the whole 10 nations involved. We cannot just sit and watch the whole process, but we must be the actor in it, no matter how small our contribution is. The biggest implication of global market is erosion of state oriented value, and instead it turns into civil oriented.

The scope of LSPR Centre of Study on ASEAN PR activities consists of education, research and social services. In this opportunity, as a real action of the inauguration of LSPR Centre of Study on ASEAN PR, the first move in education aspect is the launching and book discussion by Yuliandre Darwis Ph.D who is Postgraduate Programme lecturer in STIKOM LSPR Jakarta, as well as the president of ISKI (Association of Communications Studies Graduates), entitled “Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN 2015: Prospek Penguasaha Muda Indonesia berjaya di Pasar ASEAN” (Society of ASEAN Economy 2015: The Prospect of Indonesian Young Entrepreneur in ASEAN Market).

In research field, the first activity is a survey conducted in order to find out the awareness of ASEAN Economic Community via online in LSPR Research and Community Service Centre (LPPM LSPR Jakarta) website.

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This survey is aimed to determine the level of social awareness about AEC. The importance of creating Indonesian people’s awareness is the primary step to create a sustainable relationship within ASEAN harmonically.

To sum up, it is expected that the birth of Centre of Study on ASEAN PR  is able to conduct a study on the competitiveness of Indonesia and ASEAN who shall be a concrete recommendation for stakeholders of ASEAN Economic Community.


Prita Kemal Gani, MBA MCIPR, APR