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The length of study is only for 6 semesters with 2 intermediate semesters for 3 years whereas the regular class is for 8 semesters for 4 years. The medium of language used is also in full English while the regular class uses 50% in English and 50% in Indonesian Language. Some international academic programmes, such as the Dual Degree Programme, are only available for International Class students.

No, the International Class will directly following the chosen major, which will be either Marketing Communication or Public Relations and Communication unlike the Regular class which has a year in the Department of Business Studies before they choose their respective majors to continue in the 3rd semester.

Yes, the same requirements are needed to be submitted but may differ depending on educational backgrounds. Students who have graduated highschool overseas or from an international school may need additional documents to be presented.

Yes, the International Class does not have a non-compulsory test like the regular class but instead there is required written test in English that needs to be taken to be admitted. This includes a General Knowledge test, Academic Essay, TOEFL based test and a Scholarship exam. The entry test also follows its own weekly schedule for the entry test and must have confirmation with the Marketing and Admissions department prior to the exam date. Dates and schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

If you do not pass the entry test for the international class, you have the option to transfer to the regular class or to request for a retest that should be scheduled accordingly with the Marketing and Admissions office.

No, they use the same curriculum consisting of 60% from the UK and 40% from Indonesia. They only differ in class mapping and scheduling.

Aside from the language used in learning as well as the study timeline, the learning methods are similar. Some activities may differ in terms of scope and subjects as the composition of students in the International class differ in variety compared to the Regular class.

The International Class follows the afternoon shift at 13.00 – 16.30 throughout its study. Some schedules may vary due to events or as per request by lecturers and will be informed by the Academic Bureau accordingly.

No, it is not a requirement but is greatly recommended for added educational experience. The international programmes available for the International Class can be inquired to the International Relations and Partnerships Office.

International Academic Study Programmes:

International Work Experience
Dual Degree Programmes
International Workshops
Intercultural seminars on and off campus
Qualification status : Undergraduate (S1)
Course : Communication
Concentrations : Public Relations and Communication & Marketing Communication
Credits : 145 credits
Years of study : 3 Years
Language Medium : English
Class Shift : Afternoon (13.00 – 16.30)

Public Relations

This program prepares graduates in the techniques of effective public relations in a company, organization or society at large. The main objective of this course is to implant awareness of the importance of communication within a company or people so that graduates are able to create Public Relations strategies and action plans to raise the image of a company or organization.

Marketing Communication

In this concentration, graduates are prepared to be able to create a marketing concept based on knowledge and understanding gained from various types of business. They’re also prepared to play an important role in the functions of marketing; analysis and market research, planning, coordination, price, promotion, advertisement and product distribution channels.