London School Gaming Club has made another achievement! Let’s celebrate it! We are proud of you : Fadli Husni Mubarak 17110211291 (EBC21-1B), Hanny Elfriano Tetelepta 19110231213 (PR23-EXCL), Dzikwan Aditya Sihbudi 20110240249  (COMM24-11SP), Ramanda Suryo Putranto 19110230394 (MKT23-2SP), Putra Aprinusa 20110240636 (COMM24-16SP), Kyla Viellvania Trixie 19110231191 (PR23-EXCL) as the 2nd Winner of E-Sport Pekan Raya Psikologi 2021 – Mobile Legend Divisision. 

Congratulations and thankyou LSG Rising Team for all the hard work and determination