Jakarta – Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi – LSPR (LSP – LSPR) has a chance to deliver communication training for 154 the courts team from Mahkamah Agung Indonesia from 10 August 2020 – 14 August 2020 by virtual. The topics are about Organizational Communication such as Challenge of Organizational Communication, Human Relations & Human Resource Approaches, The Changing Landscape of Organization, Technological Processes Gadget, Hp, Video, Conflict Management Process, Process of Emotion in Workplace, System & Cultural Approaches, Classical Approaches, Conflict Management Process, Organizational Change & Leadership Process, Socialization Process, etc.

All webinar speaker and participants

Mahkamah Agung is more transparency and applied Public Relations Functions, Roles and responsibilities. The courts team have to do the internal communication and external communication to inform about the policy. Mahkamah Agung is ready to adapt in the new normal era, and in globalization. They have an apps to help the public to submit the data, they also have a yearly survey on their website to evaluate their service. Dr. H. Sofyan Zefri., SHI., MSI. as Judges and Spokeperson from Religious Courts Gresik  – East Java said that the training materials are very beneficial and applicative to them. The speakers are expertise and professional in delivering the materials, theoretical and practical. From my standpoint, the content which I like the most, the one related to courts area, Organizational Change & Leadership Process, and Communication management multicultural. My suggestion is I hope the training will sustained and regularly.