Jakarta – LSPR Communication and Business Institute faces the new challenge to stay creative and productive, to give the beneficial to LSPR Family in covid 19 pandemic. LSPR just launched LSPR Plaza.com on 18 August 2020 on Youtube LSPR Plaza This is one innovative step  as a digital solution for social and economic challenges. The showcase of LSPR Plaza can be accessed through www.lspr.plaza.com.

In the current Covid 19 pandemic situation, we are all faced with new challenges on how to be creative and productive so that we are able to be useful and prosper. Thus, LSPR Plaza was established as a form of innovative work that can be a solution to the challenges of the digital socio – economic climate.

Lsprplaza inauguration plaque

LSPR Plaza is a digital showcase platform with the means of entrepreneurial activities in the LSPR environment that involves students, parents of students, alumni, families of employees and families of lecturers. LSPR Plaza aims to provide space for its members to promote products and work, so they can help one another. This is in accordance with the LSPR Plaza tagline which is “From us to Us”.

All inauguration guests

Ibu Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR, as Founder & CEO LSPR Communication and Business Institute, “Not only limited to the LSPR environment, LSPR Plaza is also accessible by the public in general and friends outside LSPR if they want to buy the displayed products on the LSPR Plaza website. There are a wide range of categories including: Food & Beverages, Fashion, Courses, LSPR Vintage, LSPR Merchandise, etc.” She added since LSPR has a Faculty of Business, LSPR Plaza comes as a place for LSPR Students to learn, networking and as academic references about entrepreneurship in LSPR Campus.