frequently asked questions

LSPR Bali is a branch of LSPR Jakarta which has several excellent programmes such as:

1. Bachelor Degree (S1) in Communication Studies with 100% Online Learning or Blended Learning Method (50% online and 50% offline)

2. Public Relations Officer Vocational Programme (1 year Education + Professional Certification and On the Job Training)

3. Foreign Language Courses includinge English For Business, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian and Dutch

4. Public Speaking, Broadcasting and Computer Design Courses

5. Professional Certification (Public Relations and Journalists), Workshops/training on Public Speaking, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship and others.

LSPR Bali also opens the opportunity to collaborate in the form of events related to Education and Communication. If you want more information, contact our Hotline: 08551838806/08551838807, Office: 0361 4782227, email: or visit Jalan Raya Puputan No 140, Renon , Denpasar.

The general requirement to register as a LSPR Bali STIKOM student, especially for undergraduate programs, is graduation from high school or equivalent. Other requirements are filling in the online registration form, high school certificate, Copy of National Examination Result, latest photograph (3×4) color, photocopy of ID card / SIM / PASSPORT, CV, Narcotics Free Certificate, employment certificate (if already working), letter from Ministry of National Education equalization if a foreigner or high school graduates from abroad.

The Bachelor Programme LSPR Bali has 2 majors:Public Relations and Marketing Communication.

LSPR Jakarta standards of 40% Indonesian Curriculum and 60% UK (International).

The maximum number of students in Bachelor & Vocational Programme class at LSPR Bali is 30 persons in one class and maximum 15 students for a course programme.

Language ​​used in daily communication or assignments is Bilingual 50% standard English and 50% Indonesian.

Lecturers for Bachelor e-learning and blended learning programmes are divided into two groups, some lecturers / practitionersfrom Jakarta and some local Balinese. The average course program comes from Local Practitioners in Bali.

Communication science practitioners have unlimited job opportunities, because they are needed in every industry. This is evidenced by the record number of LSPR alumni who are working in various types of companies such as state-owned companies, private companies, become civil servants, work abroad and even a few who become entrepreneurs (opening their own companies). So, get excited and get your dream job!

LSPR Bali course programmes are open to the public from grade 1 high school to Professionals. The main requirement is to fill in the payment form, supply copies of latest photograph 3×4 colour, ID Card and lastest School Certificate.

LSPR Bali is open to collaborations with various agencies specifically to develop awareness of Communication among the public. Therefore, LSPR Bali opens opportunities in conducting special training for related agencies that require trainers to share knowledge or practices around Public Relations, Public Speaking, Marketing Communication and other subjects to do with Communication Science.

LSPR Bali is the Indonesia Hotel General Manager (IHGMA) Secretariat of Bali which is a great opportunity that makes it easier for Students to do on Job Training in Hotels. LSPR Bali is also exploring cooperation with several private companies, state-owned companies and government to open opportunities for future student work practices.

LSPR Bali is located in a very strategic location, in front of the Bajra Sandhi Renon Monument which is the Central Government of Bali Province. LSPR Bali building consists of 2 floors with a very elegant interior. There is a reception and 3 rooms for LSPR Bali Staff & Management, Main Lobby, 1 Lecturer Room, 4 classrooms with a connecting room, Library, Computer Lab, 4 Toilets, Musholla, Meeting Rooms and Auditorium that are ready to accommodate up to 70 people for events such as workshops, seminars and others.

In each enrollment of new undergraduate and vocational program students, an entry test is held that includes English Language Proficiency Test (Grammar and Listening), General Knowledge (Special for Undergraduate) and Interview (Special for Undergraduate).

Undergraduate study schedule at LSPR Bali is Monday – Thursday in the morning or evening (depending on the method of study taken either online or blended learning).

The Vocational Course Schedule at LSPR Bali is Monday-Thursday, for Language, Public Speaking, Broadcasting and Computer Design Courses and can be arranged flexibly to suit the needs of Students.

The accreditation at LSPR Bali is ‘A’.

For the Scholarship program, there are different tuition fees in each entry period and cashback registration fees in accordance with the terms and conditions which apply.

Professional certification especially for Public Relations and Journalists is open to the public atLSPR Bali. So, outside parties other than LSPR students also have the same opportunity to carry out professional certification. This professional certification will also take place when the minimum quota is fulfilled.

The E-Learning Bachelor Programme opens registration twice a year, with intakes in March (Registration from December to the end of February) and September (Registration from June to End of August). Blended Learning Programme and Vocational Course registration is open once a year in September (Registration from June to End of August).

LSPR has LSPR Careers & Employability Center which is the meeting place between bona fide companies that are LSPR partners and competent LSPR alumni. Please contact LSPR Careers & Employability Center via email or phone 021-57947462 for more information. Good luck!

The teaching and learning system at LSPR uses a combination of two languages, namely Indonesian and English. One of the benefits of studying at LSPR is that your English language skills will also increase. If you need additional learning in more depth, the LSPR English Division Department is ready to help you. Let’s learn and practice English with confidence!

You can study a variety of foreign languages ​​at LSPR including: Mandarin, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, and Spanish (Spanish classes are available at LSPR Jakarta). It’s really exciting to be able to learn new languages ​​at LSPR. For those of you who are domiciled in Bali, please contact to find out more.