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LSPR Communication and Business Institute, previously known as The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta established in 1992, offers Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programmes as well as an E-learning programme in the fields of Communication and Business Studies. The institute is committed to produce top quality and highly skilled communication graduates.

As the leading communication institution in Indonesia, it has created an interactive learning environment with a research structure and recognizes the need to globalize the next generation, through collaboration with other international organizations, institutions and universities.

Since 2002, LSPR has been accredited “A” for its Undergraduate Programme in Communication Studies and in 2015 was the first private university to receive ‘A’ accreditation for its Postgraduate Programme in Communication from Badan Akreditasi Nasional PerguruanTinggi (BAN PT, The National Accreditation Body of Higher Education in Indonesia).

In 2016 as an award winning graduate school of communication, LSPR received recognition as the “Best Graduate School of Communication” from Indonesian Media and has produced 20,000 alumni up to and including 2019. 

With its first strategically located campus in Sudirman Park, LSPR opened its second campus in Bekasi in April 2019, and became LSPR Communication and Business Institute in 2020 with permission being granted by Kementerian Riset, Teknologi dan Pendidikan Tinggi (The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education). 

Becoming LSPR Communication and Business Institute has seen LSPR grow from one to two faculties increasing its majors and concentrations in the field of Communication and Business Studies. 




01 July 1992

Established in 1992 with PR Short Course Programmes


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