This program is designed to prepare younger generations to start, run and lead a business through creativity and innovation as well as have a global business insight. It will educate students to know, identify, and respond to many new business opportunities. LSPR has teamed up with EU Business School and Alibaba Group to strengthen students’ knowledge and skills for modern business and to be able to face the challenges of becoming entrepreneurs in a digital era.


This program produces educated entrepreneurs who are; capable of using logical thinking, critical, systematic, and innovative with a sense of leadership. They will be able to implement their knowledge of Management and Entrepreneurship and use social value which leads to positive impact on community development.

Core Subjects

  1. Business Model

  2. Creative Entrepreneurship

  3. Marketing Management

  4. Investor Management

  5. International Business

  6. Consumer Behavior

  7. Branding

  8. Leadership

  9. Entrepreneurship Manajemen

  10. Entrepreneurship Mentoring

Career Opportunities

  1. Entrepreneur/Social Entrepreneur

  2. Sales & Marketing Professional

  3. Operations Manager

  4. Management & Business Consultant

  5. Business Development Manager

This program is designed to prepare graduates who are able to utilize and apply the concepts of marketing and business strategies creatively and innovatively based on digital technology. It will educate students who are then able to create and develop businesses that can compete with global competition. LSPR has established a collaboration with EU Business School which has become one of the best quality standards schools and also a global organization in the digital industry, as well as with Alibaba Group to provide International quality education.            



To produce entrepreneurs who are capable of managing digital based businesses with a good understanding of technology and a variety of innovative ideas.

Core Subjects

  1. Digital Business Model

  2. Digital Marketing

  3. Digital Business Mentoring

  4. Big Data Analysis 

  5. International Business 

  6. Digital Consumer Behavior 

  7. Leadership

  8. Strategic Branding

  9. Digital Platform & Innovation

  10. E-commerce Management

Career Opportunities

  1. Digital Business Developer

  2. Business Alliance Manager

  3. Project Manager

  4. Management & Digital Business Consultant

  5. Digital Business Analyst

  6. Marketing Manager

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