Hello biodegradable friends !! 🌎🌎

Did you know that washing and bathing is the biggest use of water in Indonesian households. Apart from the problem of wasteful water, another problem that we need to pay attention to is the dangers of conventional detergents to the environment.

Let’s join our Webinar :

“Friendly Household Material Could Save Our Environment”

with our speakers Arfiana Maulina (CEO & Founder @thirstproject) & Dewi Shinta (Owner of @dewisabun) and Jordan Daniel (as Moderator)

🗓Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2021
⏰Time: 5 PM
🎥 Live on Zoom

Registration link : https://forms.gle/VKMBxGbHTYpyLjhcA

This webinar open for public, not limited to LSPR student only. Webinar benefit:
1. 1500 NAP (For LSPR Students)
2. E-Certificate for all participants
3. Giveaway 300K (100K/each)

*If you have any questions, you can contact us through Direct Message Instagram @biodegradable.acut.above

See you there! Lead the change, Save the ecosystem🌎💧