Jakarta 26 June 2020 – Training and Development – Human Resources Department held a Negotiation Skill Training webinar, “Business and Professional Speaking”, with Mr. Alexander Mamby Aruan, M.Si, as the speaker. This webinar was held through Google Meets and there were approximately 37 participants from LSPR Lecturer, Staff, and Middle Management.

Speakers and Webinar Participants

Mr. Mamby shared his communication knowledge to help participants’ gain persuasion skill in order to be able to state their opinion during a meeting effectively, negotiate with colleagues, supervisors, and all stakeholders in LSPR. He also mentioned how we start our negotiation skill from the top level to the same level and we must try to apply this negotiation technique beyond the comfort zone. Negotiation is a process that needs good practice. Therefore we must add this practice in our daily activity to earn the skill properly.