Jakarta – On 22nd January 2021, IR Festival on Climate Change Solutions continued with another Webinar; “Bang the Microbeads” held a webinar with the theme “Microbeads Free: Millennials are Smart in Choosing” through the ZOOM platform from 14.00 to 16.00 WIB. This webinar was one of the themes as part of the LSPR IR Festival 2021 which campaigns on various issues of climate change to increase public awareness and concern.

This webinar invited two speakers, Kartika C. C Sumolang as Marine and Protected Area (MPA) and Biodiversity Officer of WWF Indonesia Southern Eastern Sulawesi Sub Seascape Program (SESS) and Safira Rumimper as Miss Earth Indonesia 2020.

Mrs. Kartika explained in advance how waste pollution in the sea can harm the marine ecosystem

On the opening session of the webinar, Mrs. Kartika explained in advance how waste pollution in the sea can harm the marine ecosystem. She also explained that there are many types of marine debris starting from plastic, metal, glass, processed wood, paper, etc. which can decompose over a very long period of time naturally. Ibu Kartika said, “Marine debris that is micro-sized can also have an impact on human health because if we’re not aware, the fish that we ate might have eaten micro-waste that was polluting the sea beforehand.”

“We have to start within ourselves to be discipline and use disposable products to a minimum.” Said Mrs. Kartika at the end of her presentation.

Safira Rumimper then presented the second material that focuses on microbeads. Safira explained that microbeads are small, solid, factory-made plastic particles that are less than 5mm in size, and do not decompose or dissolve in water. She also explained that many skincare products contain microbeads that are intended as exfoliants which are commonly known as scrubs. These microbeads usually use the name polyethylene in the ingredients of a product. Safira explained that many people are not aware that microbeads can actually harm themselves and can also pollute the sea.

“We have to start to be more selective in using products, especially when we use it for ourselves.” Said Safira Rumimper at the end of the presentation.


Article by: Velika