Jakarta – LSPR CACS had the opportunity to invite a young innovator born in Yogyakarta in 1992, Mr. Daniel Oscar Baskoro. He has served as Head of the Indonesian Open Government in the Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, and in 2015-2019 he also worked at the United Nations (UN). Now, he is focused on working in research with various institutions related to Digital Transformation, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence Technology.

To 82 participants who had joined this webinar, he presented material on the topic of designing an innovation from zero to impact. He also shared stories about the beginning of starting a business to plunge deeply into the world of digital business. The webinar is even getting more exciting. When the question and answer session begins, he actively answers questions from the participants, one of the questions is: “how to respond to other people’s criticisms of the innovation being carried out?”, “is there a difference when making a new discovery in the past and today?”. See you guys in the next series LSPR CACS Webinar..!