Jakarta – LSPR held a Culinary Entrepreneur Award Workshop from 1.00 until 3.00 pm (19/02). LSPR CEA 2021 is an award for culinary entrepreneurs who focus on product innovation and marketing strategies. The LSPR Culinary Entrepreneur Workshop was created with the aim of educating culinary entrepreneurs so that they can practice new strategies and innovations in business. In this workshop, there are speakers who have broad insight about the business. The speakers are Ms. Prita Kemal Gani MBA MCIPR APR as Founder & CEO of LSPR Communication and Business Institute,  Dr. Indra Cahya Uno as Founder of OK OCE Indonesia and Ms. Lis Hendriani as Editor in Chief of Mix Marcomm.

Dr. Indra Cahya Uno starts the discussion at the beginning with the theme “How Culinary Business Can Survive During Pandemic?” . Dr. Indra explained that there are 3 words that must be adhered to by businessmen such as entrepreneurship namely thinking and mindset to be forward, success namely the condition where the goal has arrived, and independently namely be brave in move and create business. Indonesia has a lot of unemployment, in addition to this during this pandemic. So according to Mr. Indra, there are 4 stages of overcoming unemployment, there are training & business assistance, opening a business, avoiding unemployment, and creating jobs for yourself.

Ms. Lis Hendriani explained about The Role of Social Media for Branding

The second discussion was started by Ms. Lis Hendriani with the theme “The Role of Social Media for Branding”. Ms. Lis explained that based on the percentage of Global Internet Users, people aged 16 to 64 use cellphones and internet networks including social media to search for goods / services as much as 81.5%, visit online retail websites as much as 90.4%, use shopping applications as much as 69 , 4%, buy products online as much as 76.8%, and buy products via mobile as much as 55.4%. So, from this percentage data, we know that social media has a big role in business and marketing. Then based on online activity content data, it turned out that 98.5% of the public were more interested in watching videos. So this can be used as a reference for introducing the brand to potential customers by using videos.

Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani MBA MCIPR APR as speaker

Then the third discussion was started by Ms. Prita Kemal Gani with the theme “Public Relations for Entrepreneurs” . Ms. Prita explained that an entrepreneur must be brave and see the past, an entrepreneur must know clearly about the products that they sell, how to conquer the market, and know clearly the strategies that will be used in the future. An entrepreneur must develop a good reputation, this reputation is related to public relations. A good reputation is created by providing a good product based on quality and price. Ms. Prita explained her own experience in building the LSPR Communication and Business Institute. At the beginning of the LSPR opening, Ms. Prita was an expert who studied Public Relations. So that it makes LSPR trusted by the people, and has a good reputation according to students. Having a good reputation certainly makes LSPR better known.


Article by: Claudea