Jakarta – LSPR Communication & Business Institute once again held a series of performances The 15th LSPR Performing Arts Communication Festival and The 26th LSPR Theater Festival. This annual event is a virtual performance by students majoring in Performing Arts Communication (PAC) and the Communication study program. Broadcast on the LSPR Jakarta YouTube channel, January 25 to March 6, 2021. This event is one of the curricula to hone student talents through performing arts, not only as an actor but also mastering the pre-production to post-production processes. Until 2020, LSPR has succeeded in producing more than 200 theatre titles.

This annual event involves 33 classes, consisting of 4 classes from the PAC department and 29 classes from the Communication study program. The lecturers who teach the Intro to Performing Arts Communication course include: Mr. Mikhael Y. Cobis, M.Si., MM., Mrs. Yani Maemunah, M.Sn., Mrs. Patricia Vicky Sihombing, M.I.Kom., Dr. Yessy Gusman, Ms. Greta Ariati, M.I.Kom., dan Mrs. Karina Indah Septiani, S.I.Kom. The following are the titles of theater, film and music performances that will appear at The 15th LSPR Performing Arts Communication Festival and The 26th LSPR Theater Festival, namely Be The Light, Story of Us, Rotasi, Into Your Eyes, Amelia, 3 February, WAWALO, Uli Deng Asa, The Cursed Amulet, Step-Up, Pandora, ABYSS, From Laugh to Love, We Rock, Rumpang, Zora Gavesha, Miracle of Love Story, The Symphony Within, Legenda Wardhana Wangkawa, Bingkas, Missing, Luka si Merah, H.O.M.E, The Last First Love, Girl Erased, The Edge of A-TEEN, Because I’m You, Ameliorate, Tiga Senandika, Age of Reason, Vision Carpool, dan Concordia in Diversity. Communication through the performing arts is a form of final semester examination for students from the PAC concentration, and first-year students from the Introduction to PAC course. At this stage, the first-year students’ creativity sharpened to look stunning on the stage and master behind-the-scenes preparations. Mastery in performing arts includes the role of director, arranging lighting, sound, costumes, make-up, and ticket sales for shows.

Since the beginning, both internal and external audiences of LSPR has always attracted to this activity. It is an honor for LSPR considering that in 2020, LSPR had succeeded in producing more than 200 theatre titles. In 2008, LSPR received an award from the Indonesian Record Museum for the Longest Theater Production while holding The 4th LSPR Theatre Festivals. “The purpose of this course is for students to gain experience in work, experience in build work concepts, experience with aesthetics and experience to experience the function of art education for living and working in teams”, explained Head of Communication Program, Mr. Mikhael Yulius Cobis. He explained that in theatre production students aren’t learning appearing confidently in front of the public but, also gain experience in dealing with many characters and roles applied in real life. “Because actually everyone is an actor in the drama of their respective lives. To become a successful actor in life, one must have communication skills, so that they can convey messages in the form of words or gestures, “explained Mikhael.

Furthermore, The 15th LSPR Performing Arts Communication Festival is an annual event organized by the Department of Performing Arts Communication as a final semester test for students majoring in PAC. There were virtual music performances entitled “Vision Carpool” by PAC 23-1TP, “Concordia in Diversity” by PAC 23-2TP. The series of festivals was continued by PAC batch 22 presenting a short film entitled Tiga Senandika by PAC 22-1TP class, and Age of Reason by PAC 22-2TP. Awarding Ceremony of The 15th LSPR Performing Arts Communication Festival and The 26th LSPR Theater Festival on March 6, 2021. Each class that is part of The 26th LSPR Theater Festival is given an award according to the judges’ assessment during this festival. The jury that is on duty during the 29 days of the virtual show; Mr. Aditya Gumay, Mr. Joko Kurnain, and Mr. Sobar Budiman. The three of them chose because this year, The 26th LSPR Theater Festival is collaborating elements of Theater and Film, in a virtual show.