Jakarta – Last December 30th, London School Beyond Academy held the second session of the webinar “For You, Teachers” to continue the series of webinars that had been held the day before. In this session, LSBA invited the teachers to share with two speakers, namely Mr. Bilal Wegig Wirawan, S.Pd as a teacher at LSBA and coordinator of the Job Training Center and Ms. Lisfatul Fatinah, S.Pd as a teacher at LSBA.

Mr. Bilal explained about online learning

The first material on “How to teach by distance and online methods but not getting crisp” was delivered by Mr. Bilal. He explained about distance learning and online learning. “Distance learning is not time bound, whereas online is time bound,” he said. The thing that needs to be considered online is to provide material or learning that can be applied at home, which is interesting and must minimize time. He also shared online teaching strategies, namely that the teacher must recognize the character of each student, give the opportunity to get involved, give a positive label, help each other with teachers, and allocate time for students who are left behind.

“There are things that need to be considered online, including using neat and attractive clothes, using additional lighting, adjusting the sitting position, using the background, using video tutorials / pictures in delivering material, and making sure the network is stable,” said Mr. Bilal.

Ms. Lisfatul explained about assessment

The next material on “Online Assessment During the Pandemic” was delivered by Ms. Lisfatul. “The assessment covers the entire teaching and learning process. The assessment is considered successful if from this learning process we can facilitate and improve the quality of our students’ learning, ”said Ms. Lisfatul. She explained the four stages of the assessment process, namely planning, learning, evaluation and reflection. Doing an online assessment, the process is the same as offline, but the method needs modification. She shared about how online assessment practices at LSBA start from online selection of new students, preparation, online formative assessment, online feedback, online monitoring, online summative assessment, online reflection. (Hanifah)