Jakarta – London School Beyond Academy held the first session of the webinar “Untukmu Guru” to share and discuss with LSBA teachers (29/12). This webinar is intended for teachers to increase their knowledge in teaching. The speakers in this session were Mr. Aris Suryahadi Yunanto, S.Pd as the LSBA teaching staff and academic coordinator and Ms. Retno Wulandari, S.Pd. as the LSBA teaching staff.

Mr. Aris who delivered material on the topic of Creating Video Tutorials via Smartphone. He said that studying from home was difficult because many children became bored and the learning process was not optimal. For this reason, teachers need to innovate learning techniques by making video tutorials, so that the delivery of material to students becomes more effective.

Mr. Aris explained about steps to make video tutorial

He conveyed that there were 4 steps that must be taken to make a video tutorial, namely pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. In the pre-production step we have to master the material, get to know the students and design a video scheme. The second step or production is the stage where we make a video, “Record it cut to cut if you lack confidence,” said Mr. Aris gave tips. The next step is called post-production, which is the stage where we do video editing. “Tips for making videos more attractive are using a bumper or opening, lower thirds, additional text and back sound,” he said. The final step is to distribute it to students.

Ms. Retno explained about Kahoot!

The next material on the topic of Learning to Use Kahoot! delivered by Ms. Retno. Kahoot is an interactive application service for playing quizzes. She said that the difficulty during online learning is difficult to evaluate children. “This kahoot can be used as a medium for evaluating children’s learning outcomes,” said Ms. Retno. She explained how to use kahoot starting from making questions, answering, and seeing a summary of the participant’s answers. Ms. Retno also invited the webinar participants to play kahoot together. Kahoot doesn’t need to be downloaded, just type kahoot.com in the browser to create a question and kahoot.it to play it. (Hanifah)