Jakarta – On Friday, in commemoration of World Autism Day 2 April, 2021 Raysha held a Painting Workshop & Painting Competition for Special Needs “Express Your Feelings Through Painting”. This painting workshop was guided by Mrs. Nelly as a painting teacher at LSBA (London School Beyond Academy) and painting teacher Raysha and was attended by 10 special participants who would compete for their paintings. This event is held virtually through a zoom meeting so that it meets the health protocol from the government. This event began with a screening of the profiles of Raysha and LSBA, then continued with remarks from Mrs. Chrisdina as the Director of LSBA with remarks from Ms. Nelly, the guide of the workshop in this event. This painting workshop welcomes the theme “World Autism Day” so that the participants (with the help of Ms. Nelly) are expected to be able to paint according to their creativity based on the theme that has been given.

Painting workshop process

All participants show their paintings

To increase the enthusiasm of the participants, the winners of this painting competition also get prizes: 1st place (trophy and cash of Rp. 500,000), 2nd place (trophy and cash of Rp. 300,000) and 3rd place (trophy and cash. cash of Rp. 200,000). During this virtual competition, the participants seemed very enthusiastic about following the directions from Ms. Nelly. This was proven by several participants who asked questions, expressed their opinions, and showed their paintings to Ms. Nelly. After the time has run out, participants collect their paintings through photos sent via the event organizer’s WhatsApp. After collecting all the painting photos from the participants, then Ms. Nelly will assess each painting. Finally, after a while, Kak Nelly announced the three winners of this painting competition, namely 1st winner Austin, 2nd winner Derrian, 3rd winner Jessica. All participants applauded the winners. Ms. Nelly said that if you don’t win it doesn’t mean the painting is not good, but each painting has its own uniqueness. Ms. Nelly assessed the paintings of the participants through their creativity in choosing and combining colors.

1st Winner – Austin

2nd Winner – Derrian

3rd Winner Jessica