Jakarta – A collaboration between LSPR TV, LSPR News and London School Radio created a webinar titled What’s Good, Media. This webinar is about the current state of the media and what content is circulating in cyberspace. Together with speakers, Mochamad Andri who is a CEO of Witness, Tonny Sutiono who works as a Content Creator and Olga Agata who works as a radio announcer, guided by a moderator from the LSPR Media Center, Dr. Sri Ulya Suskarwati. The webinar, which took place on Friday, June 19, 2020, was attended by dozens of participants who had registered through the registration link provided. With a duration of 90 minutes, the webinar lasts very intense, so that the delivery of material and questions and answers can be presented properly. The hope of this webinar is how we as young people can participate with the flow of information circulating in cyberspace, so as to maximize content or information that is fit for public consumption.