Jakarta – There is something different from the previous webinar, this time the webinar is a collaboration between clubs.  On Thursday, June 18, 2020 yesterday, LSPR Public Speaking Club together with LSPR English Club collaborated on their webinar titled FYI: For your Impression.  With the speakers, Kirti Sharma, S.I.Kom., CPS, CPM and Raissa Chentami, S.I.Kom, through this webinar, they provide tips for learning to impress others in any situation including at work.  The webinar which lasted for 90 minutes was attended by more than 100 registrants who have registered for this webinar through a link distributed via social media.  The hope is that someday we as a communication need to know a lot that it can pass through many things such as the nature of language and the way we use body language.