Jakarta – LSPR Choir proudly presents their very first virtual concert, Circle of Life. The concert that was premiered on January 23rd, 2021 at 7 PM, presented you with so many interesting things to see. Songs float beautifully, combined with a perfect story plot. In this opportunity, LSPR Choir was collaborated with, Diponegoro University Choir, D’Voice IPB, UNIMA Choir, and Gita Pracalita It-PLN Jkt. LSPR Choir also supported by some media partners, such as LSPR NEWS, LSPR Radio, LSPR TV, UMN Radio, B Voice, Event Banget, Event Campus, and Mading Event. Yesterday’s virtual friendship concert feel so complete with performances from our beloved alumni, Jessica Januar. There was also a beautiful ballet dance, performed by Dara Natania. 

Vice-Rector III of the LSPR Jakarta Institute of Communication & Business (IKB), Taufan Teguh Akbari, P.h.D. said “We are very proud because earlier this year we opened student activities with various kinds of activities and one of them welcomed the LSPR Choir” Circle of Life “. He continued, “Amazing, four months is not a short time to prepare for all of this, and what’s interesting is that this is the first virtual concert where we also invite four other universities to collaborate.”

Why did they choose Circle of Life as their theme? It’s because the virtual concert was talked about human’s life rotation. There were times of joy and there were times of sorrow. Just like this new year, we still live with pandemic covid-19, with an unknown ending. But, life must go on and we need to stay positive.

LSPR Choir Performance


Article by: Gretha