Denpasar, Indonesia – May 28, 2020, LSPR Bali Student League with the name VAJRA hosted a WEBINAR by inviting a psychologist to talk about Mental Health. With the topic of “Let’s Talk About Mental Health” VAJRA gave a room for participants to share their issues especially under this stressful pandemic situation.

LSPR Bali Webinar Participants

Hosted by I Dewa Gede Udayana Putra M.Psi who is a verified psychologist and founder of @balisoulsociety. He explained common mental health issues that most people have and how to overcome it. This WEBINAR is held publicly, participants can join the WEBINAR through filling the form made by LSPR Bali Student League attached in their Instagram bio (@lspr_slbali) for free. Starting from 15.00-16.10 WITA there are 178 participants joining the WEBINAR that is held on Google Meet due to the social distancing rules. All participants were seen to ask a lot of questions and engage in the topic today as the topic is relatable and needed under this condition.  All participants who joined in would be rewarded with E-certificate and NAP for LSPR Students.

“Your mental health condition can affect your physical condition. Don’t self diagnose yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help” said Dewa as one of our speakers today, explaining how we shouldn’t bottle up and we should seek professional help instead of self diagnosing ourselves. He also shared some tips on how to overcome anxiety and over thinking as it’s a common mental health issue to people. Not just that, he also tells the participants to be a good listener to those who need it.