Jakarta, 28 May 2020 – LSPR 4C held another informative Webinar. This time the Webinar with the theme “Ecobrick” was presented by Mr Aang Hudaya as the Founder of the Ecobrick Bogor Community. Mr. Aang started the webinar by exchanging information and discussions with participants about the remaining use of plastic (plastic waste). He discussed what is plastic, when and why do we use it, and where it goes after it is no longer used.

Webinar material info session with all participants

He continued explaining about the dangers of the remaining use of plastics that have spread in our environment. There was a display of animals photographs who were affected by plastic in our environment in his presentation. One of them is a photo of a dead albatross whose stomach is filled with microplastics. Beside animals who were affected, this can also endanger humans’ livelihood when the animals are then consumed by humans. Mr. Aang added, plastic is not only spread in our environment and can be consumed by animals but also in cosmetics. Excessive use of various types of cosmetics will have a long-term health impact.

Material Session “How to make ecobrick”

Therefore, Mr. Aang advised the Webinar participants to be wise consumers by reducing unnecessary consumption and avoiding the use of plastic by using more environmentally friendly materials such as using stainless steel straws and Ecobrick which are clean plastic bottles filled with soft plastic such as plastic bags which are then compacted until the appropriate weight of  the bottle.

Ecobrick material session

Ecobrick can be the solution for our environment that has an artistic and selling value. Mr. Aang said, “There are no weaknesses in Ecobrick as long as it is made with the right weight, consistency, and materials that are correct. Then it means the Ecobrick has already a good standard”.