Jakarta – LSPG Catholic held a Christmas Celebration with the theme “Homely Christmas” on Friday, January 8, 2021 at 17.00 WIB. Just like LSPG Christian, LSPG Catholic had to celebrate Christmas virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s Christmas celebration was done differently from the Christmas Celebration before. To make the event successful, LSPG Catholic collaborates with LSPR TV to hold a Christmas Celebration which is broadcast live through the LSPR TV YouTube channel. Jesus came to earth to bring joy and peace to all mankind. LSPG Catholic as an organization that accommodates Catholic students of LSPR Communication & Business Institute to bring and create the joy through various activities that have been planned. Through the theme “Homely Christmas”, LSPG Catholic held a Christmas celebration that takes place in virtual homes by using Zoom and Youtube platforms, and wants to emphasize the meaning of Christmas that can still be felt even in various circumstances, as long as we are able to interpret it wholeheartedly, together with family at home. This celebration is based on the words of God in John 1: 4-5 which reads “In Him was life and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overpower it.

”The LSPG Catholic “Homely Christmas” Christmas Celebration was divided into three series of events, namely a video making competition with the theme “Homely Christmas”, Christmas Mass, and an external Christmas celebration. The video making competition with the theme “Homely Christmas” is a pre-event for the whole “Homely Christmas” event. Then, LPSG Catholic held a Christmas Mass which was held on January 5, 2021 at the Catholic Church of Santo Polycarpus (Jalan Doktor Nurdin IV No.3, Grogol). The Christmas Mass is broadcast live on the Zoom platform. To assist the broadcasting process, LSPG Catholic is working with an external party, namely the Church’s Social Commission. Not only that, the LSPG Catholic “Homely Christmas” Christmas Celebration also held an External Celebration. This external Christmas celebration was attended by Management, Lecturers, Staff, students of LSPR Communication & Business Institute, and many external parties such as representatives from the Campus Ministry. This External Christmas Celebration begins with an opening prayer by Mr. Yoseph Wahyu Kurniawan and then followed by the delivery of remarks by the Chair of the Committee, Brian, Rio Alfando as President Student League of LSPR Communication & Business Institute, Mrs. Patricia Vicky Sihombing, M.Si as Head of Student Activities. This event was then continued with a Praise & Worship session and preaching by Mr. Ignatius Lana as Club Advisor from LSPG Catholic. After that, there was a candlelight session, screening of the winners of the pre-event “My Homely Christmas”, and finally a short film screening by LSPG Catholic itself. The event was closed with a closing prayer by Mr. Yohanes Don Bosco.