Jakarta – Different but has talent. Presumably, this sentence is appropriate when addressed to autistic individuals. Honed talents can make them contribute to the wider community in their own way, just like Raysha. Raysha was diagnosed with severe autism with speech delays and it developed at the age of 2.5 years. However, his paintings illustrate that he grew up with the power of love in the family, until he managed to share happily on this day of love. Full name is Raysha Dinar Kemal Gani, the youngest daughter of Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR (Founder & CEO of LSPR Communication and Business Institute) and Mr. Kemal Effendi Gani (Editor in Chief of SWA Magazine) held a Virtual Painting Exhibition right on her birthday celebration the 17th on January 14th. It is the starting point of his journey. “Autistic individuals have many obstacles such as anxiety, sensory, motor and concentration. Easily distracted by light or light or sounds. This new hobby (painting) for Raysha is a therapy that makes her calm and focus. This is an achievement, ”said Ibu Prita.


Realizing the importance of various therapies for autistic individuals, especially those from underprivileged families, the idea was to create merchandise in a prestigious boutique in one of the luxury malls in Jakarta. “The proceeds from the sale will be channeled to help autistic individuals from poor families. All this thanks to the support of the Raysha Management Team led by Ms. Ghina, “he added. Alleira exclusively produces several merchandise products from two beautiful paintings of Raysha, namely Beijing Garden and Blossoming Spring. These products were produced by Alleira and officially entered the Alleira Grand Indonesia showcase on Sunday, February 14, 2021 through the virtual Raysha x Alleira Product Launching event which was broadcast live on the Zoom platform and Youtube Autism World Raysha.

The results of Raysha’s paintings

“Not expecting to see the results of Raysha’s paintings as beautiful as this, of course Alleira wants to support Raysha in helping other autistic individuals from pre-prosperous families. Today is right on the day of love, meaning this is also a form of our love for Raysha and other friends who buy Raysha products, “said Mr. Zaka who is the COO of Alleira Batik. Merchandise products that were born from Raysha’s paintings are now available in several e-commerce sites such as Tokopedia, Shopee, and LSPR Plaza under the shop name “Autism World Raysha” and are available online at the Alleira Grand Indonesia gallery. The income from the sale of these merchandise will be distributed to autistic children from underprivileged families and foundations that have collaborated with Raysha, namely Rumah Autis and Sahabat Anak.