Jakarta – LSPR News in collaboration with MKT22-2SP through a digital communication plan project held a sharing session entitled live in journalism (16/01). This sharing session was carried out through IG Live on the LSPR News Instagram account, by inviting a Native Ads Superintendent of Kompas.com, content writer and alumni of LSPR Communication & Business Institute, Sheila Respati as a speaker.

Moderated by Mahira as Executive Committee of LSPR News, Sheila shared her opinion about hoax that are often found today, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Now it’s easy for people to access information because of technological advances, but I don’t think everyone likes reading. So when someone gets an information, he doesn’t have the sense to find out more about the truth of the information, “she said. According to her opinion, to ward off hoaxes the readers must be more sensitive, not easy to believe and the news must be verified first.

Sheila also shared about experiences that have kept her alive in the journalism industry. According to her explanation, she got a lot of knowledge from this industry such as interpersonal skills and managing stress. She also added that through writing experience, she has learned to think systematically so that she has storytelling skills.

LSPR News hopes that this sharing session can increase participants ‘knowledge about journalism and increase their awareness to always filter existing information first to make sure the news is not a hoax.

Mahira as moderator and Ms. Sheila Respati as speaker

Article by: Hanifah