Jakarta – The Leap Virtual Summit was held specially on Mother’s Day with the theme “The Catalyst For Women To Change”. To enliven this event, the Master Class will be held on December 20, 2020, at pkl. 16.30 – 17.30 WIB, entitled “Children with Special Needs: Pinning the Future”. This event was attended by Dr. Chrisdina Wempi Director from LSBA (London School Beyond Academy) as a speaker, and Emmy Kuswandari from Perhumas as Moderator.

Dr. Chrisdina Wempi Director from LSBA as speaker

Mrs. Chrisdina started a discussion on “Children with Special Needs for the Future”. According to Mrs. Chrisdina, usually parents really and more understand about their child’s condition. “The initial awareness and knowledge of parents is very important to organize the future of children with special needs. If a child is in a supportive environment, helping to learn from the beginning can certainly have a good impact in the future,” she said.

In big cities like Jakarta, many schools that support the education of children with special needs have been established. Like LSBA Jakarta, which focuses on children’s skills. LSBA has a Vocational Training Center, where children simulate to work, in view of these activities, LSBA has succeeded in honing the skills of children with special needs. In the concept of a Work Training Center, children with special needs also receive a salary for the work that has been done. This concept really helps children’s understanding of business and work. According to Mrs. Chrisdina “During this pandemic, there was also a positive impact for children with special needs. For example, a child is closer to his parents. So that parents supervise totally and completely, they understand more about their children. and parents who during this pandemic decided to open a Tie Dye business,” she said. He also said that there were children with special needs who got jobs in hotels as administration, because these children were more comfortable in jobs that entered data and were routine.

Ms. Emmy Kuswandari gave an inspirational sentence

In the field of education, to produce quality children with special needs, many elementary school teachers have been given the skills to teach these children with special needs. Thus, children also get advanced knowledge and education. Along with the development of the times, Indonesian people also consider that education and knowledge are also important in the lives of children with special needs. The event was closed with an inspirational sentence from Mrs. Emmy, “every child is a sustenance, and of course as a sustenance they certainly have their own expertise. And as parents, we must guide and be present in the lives of children with special needs in order to be successful in the world of work,” she concluded. (Claudea)