Jakarta – It is already well known that LSPR has so many events throughout the year, but one of them which always grabbed the student’s attention and enthusiasm is the student exchange, study abroad, and dual degree programs. Because not only the students can study in a much more heterogeneous and diverse learning environment, have much cultural exchange, students can also have fun in their spare time and go on an adventure of their lifetime.

These programs are handled by the LSPR International office, in the webinar last Thursday, Miss Heidy Isabel from the LSPR International office said in the meeting “This is a great chance for you, students to experience new things”. This program is highly anticipated every year by LSPR students, the students signing up for these programs are also always high said Miss Heidy once more.

One of the FAQs in the programs is “how many slots are available for the student exchange for each major?” and LSPR answered on their Instagram page, “ Slots are based on the per university and not for each major. There are approximately two (2) slots for each university. For the other program such as study abroad and dual degree program has an unlimited slot, but you have to pay the tuition fee to the college of your choice said Miss Heidy responding to one of the participants in the webinar.

Students can apply for each program by signing up by accessing the link on @LSPR.International Instagram, there are a couple of stages from being able to pass the selection, and that includes signing up, English test, interview, consulting with parents, and even needed to have a Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) of minimum N4 for applying to Osaka University. “For more information or if you want to ask more later on, please contact us, LSPR International office from our email Internationaloffice@Lspr.edu our Instagram, WhatsApp, or Line, you can use whatever is convenient for you” quoted from Miss Heidy.

Although the students do not have to pay the tuition fee in the student exchange program, it is important to note that all personal expenses are not covered by LSPR which means since preparing the student visa until living and accommodating in the selected country is included as our personal expenses. But keep in mind that if the students passed at a certain university, the college can help students search for the best visa bureau.There is also a scholarship provided for some limited majors in LSPR, and we hope that there will be more scholarship availability in the future and also more College and University partnering with LSPR, another thing Miss Heidy said in the webinar are, you can suggest which university LSPR should be partnering with by contacting LSPR International office through email.